Reflecting on my own oscillating sense of identity, my work explores daily insecurities, social discomfort, and personal experiences and observations through graphic and animated objects. The human connection to an object is a type of communication through the senses. Through their tactile nature, I am observing the relationship these objects have with their environment and the sort of space they inhabit, whether it is in an architectural space, a domestic setting, or a fragmented dream-like sequence. I want to celebrate raw essence with color, material, and mark making. With a radical presence, these forms evoke sympathy as objects that want to function but cannot. Playfully inefficient, they put up a humorous front to mask coy and obsessive behaviors.  Exploring themes of fragility, vulnerability, memory, and ritual, I am interested in finding the amount of steps you need to take away from the truth in order to get to the heart of the thing.